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At The Integrative Depth Psychology Institute, we harness and practice new psychological systems for the next generation of mental and behavioral health therapists. Scaffolded by the four philosophical pillars of our proprietary integrative depth psychology approach, we propose that we know what it takes to enhance our clinicians’ clinical and depth education. Our unique approach to learning takes form in academically unique instruction and workshop processes.  The Integrative Depth Psychology Institute is more than just a physical Professional School for budding psychologists and similar mental health professionals - it’s a professional training experience for life skills in and outside of the training rooms and lecture halls. We invite you to explore our dynamic, diverse, and dedicated training and private practice community, and schedule a visit at your earliest convenience.

About Our Program

The Integrative Depth Psychology Institute is the inspired manifestation of a long held dream of President and Clinical psychologist William James Jones, PhD. For many years Dr. Jones dreamed of developing an institute specifically designed to provide an enriched learning environment for curious students, graduates, and licensed mental health professionals looking to sharpen clinicals skills through the study, practice, and application of integrative depth psychology. Founded in 2020, our Institute is located in Pasadena, CA and reflects the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the area. We’re extremely proud of our students, clients, and staff, who are always eager to learn, create and grow together. Give us a call to find out more about how we can help you prepare for the future.

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Progressive Theory

What is Integrative Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy?

The Integrative Depth Psychology Institute was founded by Dr. William James Jones (IDPI President) to pursue the potential, practicality, and promise of Integrative Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy. Integrative Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy bestows deference to the depth of one’s psyche while tending to the soul of human authenticity and self-actualization. This  treatment and psychological approach is based on four theoretical and value-based pillars which fuse together 1) multicultural competence and awareness, 2) humanistic perspectives and relational counseling techniques, 3) intersubjective psychoanalytic approaches, and 4)  and integrating short-term and long-term treatment processes through a Jungian conceptualization lens and framework. 

Let us provide you with the training, theory, and clinical practice necessary to sharpen your vocational experience and craftsmanship.

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Sharpen Your Theoretical Knowledge

Deepen Your Scholarship

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“The reward of craftsmanship is an inspired life and practice.”

William James Jones, PhD - Founder and President

 of I.D.P.I.


About Us

IDPI Founder and President - William James Jones, PhD

At The Integrative Depth Psychology Institute - IDPI, you’ll find the creative and comfortable learning atmosphere you have been hoping for. Located in Pasadena, our internship and public training workshops are shaping minds and refining skills since our inaugural year December 2020. We are privileged to train and sharpen budding mental and behavioral health interns, professionals, and curious lay people alike in our unique Integrative Depth Psychology® model. Our theoretical clinical-based model is designed to scaffold the learner in the riches of our philosophical, psychological, teleological, and scholarly theological craftsman, but will help professionally launch them toward the deepest parts of their chosen vocation.

Our commitment to excellence and our classic-era lecture style brick and mortar site make studying at IDPI a dynamic and rewarding experience, one that will last many years after completed certifications. Contact us to schedule a (Zoom/Doxy.Me) Program Consultation or 15 minute Phone Consult.

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